Praise for Campaign Finance Guides


for A Candidate’s Guide to Campaign Finance in Colorado, by Pam Feely

Congressman Ed Perlmutter“I have known Pam for over 15 years, and I can tell you she knows our campaign finance and tax laws inside and out. Her expertise has helped numerous campaigns — including my first campaign for Congress — understand and comply with a very complex and ever-changing set of rules. This book will be a great resource for anyone running for office.”

– Congressman Ed Perlmutter, (D) Colorado 7


“This is the definitive guide to Colorado campaign finance laws — a must for any campaign. Pam has written a comprehensive and user friendly guide to Colorado’s complicated campaign finance laws.”

– Tom Quinn, Former Lakewood City Councillor


Congressman Ed Perlmutter“As a State Senator, I need a great team doing their jobs right so I can focus on mine. Trusting Pam Feely’s knowledge and experience has always been rewarded. Campaign finance can be a difficult and confusing process, but her ability to explain everything clearly and simply allows our team to not only stay on top of the requirements but to demonstrate the competency and attention to detail that we promise our voters. Having the advice of a true expert helps everything else fall into place, and keeps us on the fast track to winning.”

– Andy Kerr, State Senator

Congressman Ed Perlmutter“Very nicely done.”

– Kevin Shelley, Former California Secretary of State

“We have already purchased and read this book, and have recommended it to other first-time candidates. It is an amazing resource, and has been truly beneficial in helping us understand campaign finance laws here in Colorado.”

– Kim Netherton